Labyrinth Silver 925 Big Wavy Coral Earrings

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Organic coral form, statement studs for big hair, big personality and lots of sass. Put on The Ritz, we called these earrings the 'Mary Pickfords' named after Mary Pickford, who was the first female lead in silent cinema in the Twenties and went on to become one of the founders of The Academy Awards. The woman had style and strength. She would have worn these and had every paparazzi taking shots of her.

These designer studs that are absolutely unique. This design is exclusive and you will not find it anywhere else. If you love big earrings, but don't want them to pull on your ears, (but still feel like you are wearing some showstoppers), these are the ones to buy.

Team them with an elegant cocktail dress and The Pickford Wave Cocktail Ring made of solid sterling silver. Check that out here. Buy the set and rock the style. Make Mary Proud!

Base Material: sterling silver 925. We also make these in brass alloy with gold plate. To see the rest of this collection please click here

Size: 3.5 wide x 3.8cm tall 



These beauties come gift wrapped in their own personalised boxes with polishing cloth