Our Keshi Pearls

We hand-pick our pearls from pearl farms in Lombok Indonesia. Keshi pearls, (from the Japanese word ケシ, 芥子 which also means 'poppy') are irregular natural non-nucleated pearls, that started life as most other pearls do, except the mollusc was iritated at some point during the process of it’s creation, kicking it out of it's folds and into the loose waters inside the shell. Here it bobbed around and crashed into the walls of the shell as well as being pushed around by the mollusc, creating the wonderful wavy shapes on it’s surface. This natural creation means that every single Keshi pearl is unique and one-of-a-kind, from the food the oyster traps inside the shell to the temperature of the waters that flow through them, meaning your jewellery pieces are one-of-a-kind too and no one will have the same pearls as you!
natural Keshi pearls in oyster shell
Each is slightly different in colour, but we match the Keshis as close as we can to make pairs for earrings and we consider the shape in each earring too. A pearl takes over 4 years to grow, which is layer upon layer upon layer of 'nacre' (pronounced 'ney-ker'), until it creates something strong and shiny and beautiful. nothing can compare to a Keshi pearl for it's endurance and strength. That's why we use them.