Brand Story

Franki & Felix Jewellery is a Covid-19 success story.

It started life as a brand called Franki Ryker in late 2018, in Bali, Indonesia. It's founder and designer Vanessa, (known as "Franki") was living on the island and had built a jewellery design school in 2014, teaching classes to visiting tourists how to make simple stunning rings and pendants with ancient silversmithing techniques. It became a huge success with tour operators and airlines and in 2017, KLM Airlines named it one of the "best growing green businesses" on the island and NineMsN Escape Travel Australia, called it the "top thing to do in Bali while on holiday." With accolades from Trip Advisor, write-ups in Bali & Beyond and The Yak Magazine, the word started to get around and groups from far and wide started to visit.

But there were bumps in the road that lay ahead. Big ones.

Living on a tropical volcanic island can be volatile and throughout the coming years, there were earthquakes and volcanoes, that stopped tourism for chunks at a time. However, in late 2019 Franki developed a plan for a charm making factory and started to raise interest from global partners.

A quick trip to the UK to see family at the beginning of 2020 and bring some of the Franki Ryker samples to London to retail stores there, turned out to be the start of a new chapter and the almost closing of an old one.

Locked out of Bali, due to the Government closing the island to tourism, there was no other alternative but to develop the jewellery online in the UK and shut the school part of the business in Bali, till further notice. 

With swift business acumen, help from friends and family and a global economy being forced online, Franki and her sister, started live lockdown videos to keep people interested in her designs and entertain facebook fans with weekly fun videos on a variety of modern topics, including what it's like to build a brand in lockdown.

The crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, helped to get the name out and the weekly videos started customers buying. In November 2020 an e-commerce website was built and the rest is history.

Today Franki & Felix Jewellery (re-named to involve the new men's jewellery range in 2022) has developed into a trend-focused jewellery brand. Unique and modern in design, with ranges of quality sterling silver and 18kt gold plate rings, bangles, cuffs, necklaces and chains and earrings, that are fun and easy to wear and highly affordable. 

All of our jewellery is still made with our team in Bali. We have managed to keep them and their families supported because of you, our customers. When you buy a piece of jewellery from Franki & Felix, you become part of the family too.

So, now...go shopping!

Love Franki xx