Brand Story

Franki & Felix is a company that is trend-focused and future driven in it's approach to jewellery design and style. We design and handmake, stunning gold-plated and sterling silver 925 rings, pendants, bangles, cuffs, earrings, pendants and chains, for both men and women that are crafted using Balinese ancient silversmithing and casting techniques.

Head designer Vanessa ('Franki' to her friends and customers), is inspired by the natural world around her and finds fluid shapes, textures and gemstones and combines these to create modern jewellery that is unique and that lasts the tests of time.

The Creative Journey:

In 2014, Vanessa and her then business partner, created a jewellery school on the island of Bali, Indonesia, teaching visiting tourists, about the Balinese silversmithing culture and styles of design, combining it with a stunning tropical setting and providing half day, full day and week long classes, for inspiring creatives. 

By 2018, with several accolades under their belt from Trip Advisor and Indonesian Expat, press newsagency NineMsn Travel called it "The best thing to do on holiday in Bali" and KLM Airlines writers wrote "One of the growing green businesses in Bali to watch."

In 2019, things started to hot up, with inquiries from Chanel Hong Kong to do private classes and then the dream meeting with a global partner, to start building her charm factory. This would enable her to combine her love of people, jewellery making and teaching in a fun learning capacity, on a bigger scale.

Entrance to the studio off the terrace


Award Winning  - Aussie girls on a silver course 


The School Dream Team

Turquoise Dragonfly - 1 day workshop 

Lotus & moonstone ring - 1/2 day workshop 

In November 2019, Vanessa did a shoot for her own premier collection 'Labyrinth,' hoping to market her line of ocean-inspired jewellery, in her new shop she was building alongside the studio. But life was about to change forever.

At the beginning of March 2020, with family worried about the state of the world, she made a trip to UK, hoping to combine her stay with a sales trip to London to find stockists, but the scale of Covid-19 had other plans.

Photographing on site


Locked out of Bali, with only a suitcase of summer clothes and living in a tiny room in her family home, it was hard to see the future. Her close friends in Bali and Australia, kept her going with meditation sessions and zoom calls for support. By November 2020 it looked like it might last longer and so she boarded up the school in Bali, adopted out her dogs and continued to keep her staff in jobs and supporting their families, while trying to get the new venture off the ground.

With the help from friends and family, and from the Kickstarter platform, her then brand 'Franki Ryker' gained 106% funding and she started her business.

Today, renamed 'Franki + Felix' to include gender inclusive designs, the business is bright and vibrant with big plans and with British and Balinese women at the helm, steering it in the right direction as it grows, from it's making roots founded in Bali, to it's retail future brought to the UK.

Vanessa's designs use luxurious, naturally white Keshi and seed pearls, from family-owned pearl farms in the North of Bali and from Lombok, hand-picked by the Bali studio family, to match the unique settings (read about them here). The sparkly gemstones, are from Jaipur, India and jaspers are from Indonesia, forging the hand-crafted elegance, that has become synonymous with the brand.

The UPS of the brand is to "offer beautifully handmade, nature-inspired jewellery with a story, that is pretty to wear."

Welcome to the stunning and creatively unique world of Franki & Felix Jewellery.

Now...go shopping!