Brand Story

In March 2020, visiting mum and a few stores in London, with her coral inspired jewellery samples and not knowing too much about the virus from her little bubble in the tropics, Founder Vanessa, packed in less than 48 hours and left her island home of Bali for the UK, just thinking it was for a few weeks. 

However, those weeks turned into months and Vanessa closed her award-winning silversmithing school, a creative tourist haven for those visiting the island, rented out her home, adopted out her doggies and put staff on furlough, continuing to design and sketch samples for other companies online, until those orders became less and less, as other companies were feeling the effects too.

But in June 2020 came a seed of an idea.

Her sister Zoe stepped in and reached out to help. Together they started a page on crowd-funding platform, Kickstarter, to kick off Franki Ryker, the original name it was called by Vanessa, back in Bali at her studio, where she created the first sample pieces.

Both girls scoured the internet for examples of successful campaigns, created a simple 2-page business plan, worked out some figures, set a goal of £15,000 and hit the ground running. They saw that successfully funded campaigns put in the hard yards.

“It was nerve racking at first to begin the campaign, but by the end of the first week, we had a rhythm and knew what we were doing. It was highly improv and hilarious to both of us, because ultimately, we weren’t super concentrating on the jewellery, we were concentrating on getting people to tune in and support us. Our lives on Facebook propelled us to create a following that started to read our story and ultimately buy our jewellery. People wanted to be part of helping someone start their life again and we worked out that comedy sells, especially animal noises and our stab at rapping. We still giggle about it nearly a year on!”  Vanessa

By the middle of September 2020, they had successfully funded their campaign and now had a daily following of viewers waiting for the next episode of ‘The FRANKI SISTERS,’ as they called themselves, on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

In December 2020 during the second wave of Covid, they developed a highly successful Christmas ‘come to the door’ pop up shop at Zoe's extension, to keep things moving and put a smile on the faces of friends and family. Their mission was to find women designers and local independent luxury goods makers and service providers, who needed a leg up with their own product sales and in turn, fulfil social responsibility in their community.

Since then, Vanessa has turned her designing hand to mens jewellery and entering the unisex jewellery market, with chains and bangles in black rhodium and heavier industrial looking rings and leather wraps, soon to be launched. You can see some of the men's jewellery here.

Franki & Felix born!

Vanessa continues to design using the world around her as inspiration, but more importantly, working on getting into the party planning world of fun! Zoe has stepped away from the brand to follow her postponed Covid dreams.

With 1000 global online sales and new and exciting designs for customers, Franki & Felix Jewellery, the dream of jewellery party planning in the New Year is literally on the horizon and Vanessa and her team will be on the search for Ambassadors to get the afforable luxury brand out to the rest of the world.

To reach out for articles and interviews or to become a stockist of Franki & Felix, or to find out more on how to become an ambassador....

please contact Vanessa: