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Siren Sterling Silver Ring Band with Opal

Siren Sterling Silver Ring Band with Opal

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A wonderful unisex chunky sterling silver ring with real Welo Ethiopian opal set into our unique Siren Collection designer pattern, inspired by the scales of mermaid tails.

Made from: solid sterling silver and stamped 925, this is the perfect ring to wear on any finger but also makes a great thumb ring.

Sizing: Unisex size fits all 7/8/9 USA - UK N 1/2, P 1/2, R 1/2

Welo Opals - A Magical Gemstone: These beauties, found in the seems of rock in the mountainous regions of Ethiopia, come in a variety of bright colours mixed with milky white beautiful transparency and their shimmering play of colour, which occur in all colours of the rainbow – mainly in yellow, orange, red and green, catch the light and reflect like underwater corals.

The presence of hydrophane in Welo Opals means they can absorb up to eight percent of its own weight in water. If you wash your hands wearing this ring, just let the gem dry in the open air and it will revert to its original appearance on its own. It is interesting to test for yourself the effect on a Welo Opal when it becomes wet! It's like a living breathing organism.

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