Brand Story

Franki & Felix is a company that is trend-focused and future driven in it's approach to jewellery design and style. We design and handmake, stunning gold-plated and sterling silver 925 rings, pendants, bangles, cuffs, earrings, pendants and chains, for both men and women that are crafted using Balinese ancient silversmithing and lost wax and cast techniques.

Our unique designs use luxurious, naturally white Keshi and seed pearls, from family-owned pearl farms in the North of Bali and from Lombok, hand-picked by the Bali studio family, to match the unique settings. The sparkly gemstones, are from Jaipur, India and jaspers are from Indonesia, forging the hand-crafted elegance, that has become synonymous with the brand. 

How We Began:

Franki is the CEO and founder of Franki & Felix Jewellery. She started her UK and Bali-based business in the year of Covid, after a dramatic lock out of the country she was living in, Indonesia, whilst visiting family in the UK. From that point, like many others, she had to think fast and come up with a plan to change the business model from a  jewellery teaching school offline, to a retail jewellery one online. A dramatic change and a huge learning curve presented itself, as did being back in a country she had left 28 years previously.

founder and ceo of franki and felix wearing geometric dress and wavy coral silver earrings

Many of the artisan staff she was employing were supporting their families with the wages they were taking home, so Franki came up with a plan to raise capital through Kickstarter and kick off production of her own designs and set about a plan to sell them online from the UK.

With the help of the Kickstarter platform and friends and family, she raised enough capital in a couple of months of Facebook lives everyday to start the business. What began to happen to the development of the brand, happens to many along the way. Trial and error with styles, like fashion houses on the high street, showed that there were two distinctive groups. Statement jewellery lovers of her bigger pieces @ and smaller dainty pearl necklaces and rings for the younger market, but with cross overs showing that the designs spanned age groups as well as wallets.








Franki Photographing on site

 The cuff that won Etsy Top 100 Design Award 2022

 Balinese beauty wearing the tassle choker sample

Goal Setting and Reaching:

Understanding the huge jewellery market is difficult and expansive. Handmade jewellery is one of the biggest in the UK let alone the world. Carving your small area first is key. Reassuring your customers with follow ups and good customer service (and that you are real and approachable as a business) is paramount. We aim to bring you beautiful and durable jewellery designs that are unique, playful and beautifully wrapped for gift giving or keeping.

We are still growing, making mistakes. We are human and our artisans that create our designs are too. When you buy from us, you buy from a family.

We are eternally grateful that the power to prevail keeps us moving, evolving and inspiring. We are a testament to shouldering the tough times, but being open to change. We hope you love our jewellery designs and we look forward to sharing more with you.

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