Our Brand Values

In a vast and fast economic world of huge changes to our everyday lives, making them better, faster and more efficient, comes great responsibility to our customers. From the products we design, make and send, to the sister companies we use that supply the packaging and that deliver to our customers, we want you to know we care.

At the core of our brand values are:

  • Integrity
  • Value for Money
  • Quality
  • Service

We are a small British company that designs, makes and sells handmade jewellery. We are not factory made and for that, you get a level of service unparalleled and hands on, compared to the giants. We are a developing brand that cares what our customers think and we love feedback. If you have bought something from us and want to shout about how good it is, please help us by doing just that on your own social media, or to others you think would love it as much as you do, so they will become customers too. Spreading the love. Even better, write a review on any of the pieces here on the website that you have purchased! It all helps customers to make informed decisions and it builds trust in our brand too.

We always aim to make the very best product. Our quality control goes through 3 sets of hands and the founder makes sure hers are the last, before it is wrapped and delivered to you. From the cut of the stones, to the size of the settings, we have design book encyclopedias to make sure we stay consistent and on point. 

If you think our product designs can be improved, a different size, an extra jump ring, a different chain length, contact us. We listen and we react quickly to make our products even better than they are currently.

Let's work together to bring you gorgeous jewellery, that is affordable, on trend and ethical.

Why not become a Friend of Franki and join our VIP Members Club. Just add your name into the newsletter at the bottom of the homepage and we can take care of the rest. We don't do newsletter pop ups on our website, nor do we offer immediate discounts. We believe in building a strong group of VIP Members and keeping them special.