What's in a Ring Size?

What's in a Ring Size?

Ordering anything online, that is size related, can be perilous, especially in the fashion industry. Depending on where the item is made, can result in a complete size up or down.

But why is that?

Well, for instance in clothing manufacturing, the people that make the garments in factories by hand, can make pattern making mistakes based on their own body sizes of that country, swap patterns out in confusion, and the fabric can be changed and not have enough warp, weft or stretch. There can be a myriad of issues and although we are all individuals, shaped differently, we do carry basic characteristics, that allow manufacturers to gauge our global population loosely. Hence why we have XS, S, M, L and so on.

But what about ring sizes...isn't it the same thing?

Rings have to contend with knuckles, sweat, drastic temperature changes, weight gain, weight loss, buying for someone else.....sheesh.....a lot to think about. But, the beauty of fingers is that we have four on each hand and if the ring doesn't fit on one finger it will on another. But if you want to be specific, then we can show you a little trick on how to get your right size to the millimeter.

Industry ring sizers come in a variety of ways and sizes are different for Canada & USA, Australia as well as the UK and other countries. So a chart representing the most ring buying nations, is necessary to have alongside a physical ring sizer.

The plastic cable tie letter/number sizer


Without a doubt these are fantastic. But remember not too tight because the ring still needs to get over your knuckle. They come with a chart at purchase, so you can see in millimeters the diameter and circumference and match to what suits you.

The metal hoop ring sizer

A little more cumbersome and normally used by businesses in their workshops for custom makes and for silversmithings to check their own making processes. These are marked with the sizes on each ring normally in both letter and number. 


The old fashioned piece of string method

This method is tried and tested, but it might not be as acurate as the others. The string needs to be snug, not tight, then take it off and if you have a ruler handy, measure it flat against that to get your total circumference. Then look at our chart to find your size.

 We have simplified the chart above to make it easy to read. If you have any issues or questions or need a custom size, we are on hand to help you find the best fit. Just email us here to discuss.

Franki xx

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