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Larimar Sterling Silver Labyrinth Thin Cuff Bangle Bracelet

Larimar Sterling Silver Labyrinth Thin Cuff Bangle Bracelet

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A beautiful teardrop larimar gemstone, has been lovingly set, in our award winning coral-inspired patterned sterling silver bangle bracelet wrist cuff. This beautiful and uniquely designed open-backed adjustable bangle, is completely handcrafted, with sterling silver wire hand-twisted and applied to the outside of the pattern on the front and a beautifully polished shiny open back, with curved and highly polished ends, making it easily adjustable on any size wrist.

LARIMAR GEMSTONE: The Larimar gemstones are from The Dominican Republic, where they are found carefree in nature, scattered on the beaches within the seams of rocks, then cut and polished to fit the cuffs. The icey blue colours come from copper deposits within the rocks.

Made from: 100% real sterling silver, stamped 925

Size of gemstone: 15mm x 10mm

Size: to fit size 6/7 inch wrist (16cm / 17cm)

Gap at back: 3.5cm for wriggle room 

How to put in on: the bangle bracelet will fit from the side of the wrist and then spins around to face the front with gemstone

Gift wrapped and ready for giving, in our pretty rose gold glitter boxes with polishing cloth and pouch for safe keeping

Inspiration comes from the ocean landscapes...the varied corals in the Archipelago of Indonesia where the pattern was first formulated. The myriad of corals and the colour and textures of the sea bed and the constant flow of water over them, created the full Labyrinth Collection.

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