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Gender Neutral Black Rhodium Coral Bangle

Gender Neutral Black Rhodium Coral Bangle

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Our unique Labyrinth pattern design, hand made and hand-casted sterling silver bangle, just got really funky! Introducing The Labyrinth Black Rhodium Unisex Bangle!

First we plate the sterling silver 925 with a very fine layer of precious metal called Palladium. This allows the Black Rhodium to bond to the piece really well and give an all over beautiful dark gun metal grey colour. Black Rhodium is a precious metal and we plate with 3 micron industry standard, with our plating partners in Birmingham.

Black rhodium is, in fact, just one of many colors of rhodium. In its natural state, rhodium is silver-white and is typically plated onto white gold to give it a brighter, more luminous finish. By binding ink to rhodium, however, dark colors can be created that vary from light gray to black. Over time this bangle will mottle and marblize and have a denim washed look to it that is absolutely gorgeous.

Material: 925 sterling silver

Size: 6.5cm diameter (we can make bigger please send us an email here if you want a custom size and state the style and number and size you wish)


All of our special bangles and cuffs are gift wrapped FREE in our beautiful boxes and tissue for safe-keeping.

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