Gender Neutral Baroque Natural Pearl Silver Chain Cufflinks

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Stunning Keishi saltwater pearls have been hand-picked from the pearl farmers on Lombok Island, Indonesia to make these gorgeous cufflinks. Elegant with bezel set pearls; the front of the cuff shows the pearl in its beautiful and simple irridescence and the chain and Labyrinth patterned square piece, fits through to the back with chain link, through a single cuff or double cuffed shirt.


Our team hand-pick the stunning light, silvery pink and yellow hue Keshi pearls, or 'cornflake petal' baroque pearls from the island of Lombok Indonesia pearl farms, for this piece. Each baroque pearl is slightly different in shape and colour, due to the natural process of it being made by a living organism in the mineral rich waters. Each pearl takes 4 years to be created naturally.

See the gold version also in the photos and you can see them here in the shop

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