Keshi Baroque Pearl Teardrop Silver Earrings

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Showstopping natural white baroque pearl large dangle earrings, in solid sterling silver 925 plate. These beautiful teardrop-shaped earrings are from The Labyrinth Collection, inspired by the corals of the Indonesian oceans and coral islands surrounding the tropical island of Bali.


Our team hand-pick the stunning light, silvery pink and yellow hue Keshi pearls, or 'cornflake petal' baroque pearls from the island of Lombok Indonesia pearl farms, for this piece. Each baroque pearl is slightly different in shape and colour, due to the natural process of it being made by a living organism in the mineral rich waters. Each pearl takes 4 years to be created naturally.



Big, bold earrings, can go big bold outfits, kaftans on the beach, or slinky tight dresses and heels. These elegant earrings will cause a stir however you wear them!


Material: super high quality alloy with sterling silver 925 plate

Size: 7.3cm long / 3cm wide/1mm thick

Pearls: Keshi white baroque pearls: 2cm/1.5cm wide





These beauties come gift wrapped in their own personalised boxes